Practi-CRdM CPR Compression Rate & Depth Wrist Monitor

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Case pack: 20 Practi-CRdM’s w/ charging cables per case

American Heart Association Requirement on the Use of Feedback Devices in Adult CPR Training Courses


The Practi-CRdM Compression Rate and Depth Monitor is a useful tool for measuring the rate and depth compression of CPR while practicing on a manikin.

To use the CRdM, simply wear it on your wrist while practicing CPR on a manikin. The device will “beep” when compression depth is outside the optimal range of 5-6cm (2”-2.3”). Additionally, the CRdM’s diode will be green when compression rate is between 100 and 120 cpm, and red when compressions fall below 100 cpm or exceed 120 cpm. This feature enables users to self-check their timing.

Thanks to feedback and reviews from our customers on the first iteration of the Practi-CRdM, we have made key enhancements:

       First,  we increased the feedback beep(s) volume.
       Next,  we extended the auto-shutoff time. This allows more time between compression activity and the automatic shut-off feature
(the Practi-CRdM will shut off after 2 minutes of inactivity)

  • Works with any training manikin
  • The flexible wristband fits any size wrist
  • The rechargeable lithium battery lasts a minimum of 3-4 hours
  • The Practi-CRdM may be charged via USB port. Charging time is between 2-3 hours
The Practi-CRdM provides an affordable solution that helps training centers protect their investment in the manikins they already own, even if those manikins do not offer compression rate and/or depth monitoring. The AHA required these key elements by the end of January, 2019 (see AHA Requirement Tab below).


By using the Practi-CRdM Compression Rate and Depth Monitor, students can gain valuable insights into their CPR technique and improve their skills over time. Try it today and take your CPR training to the next level!

Comes with a 1 year warranty.



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• Meets the January 2019 AHA mandate regarding the use of an “instrumented directive feedback device”
• Easy to use; little or no special training of instructors needed
• Works With Any Manikin!
• Measures BOTH compression rate and compression depth
• Adjustable wristband fits nearly any size wrist
• Economical
• A fraction of the cost of buying new manikins or retrofitting existing manikins
• Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V and capacity of 90mAh via USB port  (USB charging cord included)
• 3-4  hours of continuous use on one battery charge
• One year warranty

Product Weights & Dimensions

WLCRdM – Practi-CRdM
Band: 10 x 0.75 inches
Protective Compact Case: 3 x3 x 1.75 inches
Weight: 0.1125 lbs

20 Practi-CRdMs per case
Case Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 6 inches | 5 lbs


AHA Requirements

Quoting from the AHA announcement relevent to the Practi-CRdM and how it meets these requirements:
  • The use of an “instrumented directive feedback device or manikin in all AHA courses that teach the skill of CPR.
  • The device at a minimum “must measure real-time audio feedback or visual feedback on compression rate and depth.”
  • The Practi-CRdM (WLCRdM) fulfills this requirement for visual feedback of compression rate as defined by the AHA: “Device with screen display that detects rate of actual compressions and indicates visually whether to push faster or to push slower in real time to meet AHA recommendations.”
  • The AHA also states that AHA devices “…can be added to and used with existing manikins.”

Instruction Manual

Safety Data Sheet


Product Data Sheet

All of our product data sheets can be found at this link. 


Q:  Can the Practi-CRdM be used to measure compressions on an infant manikin?
A:  No.  The Practi-CRdM is for use with adult/child CPR manikins only.

Q:  How do I turn on my CRdM?
A:  Touch the face of the monitor and hold until the green light turns to red. If the light does not turn to a blinking red light, then the unit needs to be charged.

Q:  What is the band made of?
A:  Latex Free silicone rubber

Q:  Can I clean my CRdM?
A:  Yes. We recommend simply wiping the product with an alcohol wipe. Because the wristband is made of silicone, using bleach products may be too harsh.

Q:  I’m doing compressions properly but the light won’t turn green?
A:  The Practi-CRdM is a precisely calibrated instructional aid. Instructors who have initially reported their CRdM not functioning by not measuring CR or depth properly often found it was indeed user error. Instructors whose common practice was to use a metronome found the CRdM to perform accurately.

The CRdM introduces the additional feature of depth measurement which of course could pose another layer of potential complexity. The CRdM is precisely calibrated via its programmed electronics. Popular manikins use a simplistic clicking device and there may be a discrepancy between the two. After consulting with trainers, there was a general consensus most manikins used in the field are not necessarily precise machines, but “estimators” in measuring a range of depth. Not to mention the varying degrees of how some manikins are taken care of, i.e. years of wear and tear that could cause variations in performance.  Some instructors may view the manikin as the precise measurement for which the CRdM is measured by. To the contrary,  the CRdM is the teaching aid that will communicate proper rate and depth.

To check the accuracy of the CRdM CR, you can google “metronome” and apply compressions at the set metronome rate.

Q:  Can I adjust the volume of the CRdM?
A:  No.  There is no volume control.

Q:  Can I leave my CRdM connected to the charger after it is fully charged?
A:  Yes and No. The CRdM has over-charge protection. Over-charge will not cause the CRdM to fail, but it is suggested that the charging cable should be taken off after the unit is fully charged.

Q:  Is the CRdM waterproof?
A:  No it is not waterproof.

Q:  How long will the CRdM stay on if it’s not in use?
A:  The CRdM is programmed to automatically shut off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

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