Adult/Child & Infant CPR Mask in Soft Case – RED

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When every second counts, having a reliable CPR resuscitator can make all the difference. Our Adult/Child & Infant CPR resuscitator contains 2 masks and one valve. One mask fits both adults and children and the other is designed for infant needs. Both are designed to provide optimal support for both victims and caregivers during emergency situations.  The valve fits on the inside opening of all WNL adult masks, as well as fitting over the infant mask opening.

Our clear mask and soft pliable bladder allows the rescuer to properly position the mask and monitor the victim. Both face masks fit securely over the victim’s mouth and nose, ensuring proper ventilation during resuscitation.  In order to achieve a proper seal, place the narrow end of the mask over the nose for adult use or turn it so the narrow end is over the chin for use on small child or infant if infant mask is not available. The resuscitator also features a one-way valve that prevents backflow of air and contaminants, keeping the caregiver safe from infection.

Our Adult/Child & Infant CPR resuscitator can be used with the standard one-way valve for rescue or with our CPR Practi-VALVES® during CPR manikin training. You may clean and reuse the masks but dispose of valve after patient use. Part# for replacement valves is PAN5000RV3.

WNL Products’ Adult/Child & Infant CPR resuscitator is perfect for use in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, schools, and homes. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a concerned citizen, you can trust our CPR resuscitator to deliver reliable and effective care when it matters most. Our Adult/Child & Infant CPR resuscitator mask is lightweight and comes in a soft nylon case with both a belt loop & a belt clip on the back making it convenient to carry & store.

Features include:

  • One-way valve with filter
  • Elastic, latex-free head strap arrives attached to mask
  • Belt loop & belt clip
  • Bladder inflation ensures proper seal
  • Oxygen Inlet
  • Includes LATEX FREE gloves and an antiseptic wipe

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Soak masks for 10 minutes in a mixture of 64 parts water to 1 part bleach. Never clean valve.
  • Rinse with water and air dry.
  • Replace valve after each use.
WARNING – Discard valve after patient use. DO NOT reuse valve.

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Quantity  Item
1  CPR Resuscitator Mask – fits adult or child
1  Infant CPR Resuscitator Mask
1  One-way valve with filter
1  Pair Vinyl Gloves
1  Antiseptic Wipe

Product Weights & Dimensions

FAK5000SGI-RED – Adult/Child & Infant CPR Mask in Soft Case – RED
Product Dimensions: 4.25 x 5.25 x 2 inches | .35 lbs
Case Dimensions: 22 x 16 x 13 inches | 18 lbs
50 Masks per case

Product Data Sheet

All of our product data sheets can be found at this link. 


Q:  Is this item customizable?
A:  Yes, please see our page for customizations.

Q:  What type of filter is used in the valve?
A: The filter used is a 3M G Series Filtrete™. Specifically GCC-30.

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