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Percussive Massage Gun

Introducing the amp12TRiO™ Percussive Massage Gun. Ideal for reducing muscle stiffness, inflammation and soreness, improving range of motion, speeding up muscle recovery, relaxation and more!

Lightweight and powerful

The amp12TRiO™ features three ergonomic grips for optimal positioning

The 3 ergonomic grips make it easier to reach any problem area. 

How Does It Work

Let's talk about the amp12TRiO™ Percussive Massager


7 Hour Continuous Use Battery Life

The cordless unit includes a long-lasting battery operating approximately 7 hours on one charge and requiring only 2-3 hours for a full recharge. 


4 Massage Heads for Targeted Therapy

4 interchangeable attachment heads allows for pinpoint accuracy and pressure adjustment.


3 Ergonomic Handle Positions

Our affordable amp12TRiO™  massager features a multi-grip handle for optimal positioning and ease of use.


4 Speeds

The amp12TRiO™ has you covered with four percussive speed settings. 1200, 1800, 2400, 3200 ppm. Perfect for warm-up to moderate and high intensity workouts.


Whisper Quiet

The ultra-quite motor;  40 dB maximum is as quiet as a library and is capable of delivering up to 56 lbs. of force while delivering 12 mm. of amplitude. 


Real Time Pressure Feedback

The amp12TRiO™ provides real-time feedback of muscle pressure with a series of lights. 

The amp12TRiO™ has four interchangeable massage heads for targeted therapy

What's included

Percussive Massager
"Ball" Massage Head
"Bullet" Massage Head
"Flat" Massage Head
"U" Massage Head
A/C Adapter
Carry Case

Start healing now

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